northern lights forecast

The polar regions of the Earth are where the splendid occurrence of the magnificent Aurora or Northern Lights takes place. Upon seeing these lights they look like colourful clouds and emission of green and red sometimes even blue lights dancing across the sky. The lights come about in symmetric ovals centred on the northern and southern magnetic poles of Earth.

Daily on earth there is an occurrence of the aurora, it happens both day and night, however the sunshine usually outshines the aurora when it takes place during the day. View the chart below and find where you can see the northern lights today.

Factors that Increases the Chance of Seeing the Aurora

Some of the factors that increased the chances of seeing the aurora are:

  • The time of Day – since the strength of the light is low it is best seen at nights. The best displays of these lights are normally closer to midnight to around 2 a.m.
  • The Season – the northern section of the earth view the aurora best during the winter season and at latitudes the aurora  are general seen, however the lights can be affected by summer time since it is usually always lit and it is not common to have warm weather and good aurora.
  • Sun revolution – since the sun takes 27 days to spin on its axis, then it is likely to have an aurora 27 days after, as the vigorous region on the sun that caused the aurora will again face the Earth.
  • Solar Activity – the activities that links with that of the sun changes in accordance to the 11-year solar cycle. Therefore, the more active the sun is the more auroas will be seen.

The showing of aurora stays common and strong for several years about solar maximum. During these solar maximum, the auroas are:

  • More frequent,
  • More active,

and they  can come further south from the poles.  The aurora can be seen bright and active at any time throughout the solar cycle.

The weather conditions such as that of a full moon, or light pollution can influence one capability to see an aurora. Therefore, one can be sure of seeing aurora is to get close up to the location of the auroral oval and away from any source of artificial light that will affect your ability to see the lights. Check the map and get real time information on where to see the nothern lights at the moment, the map is updated in real time. The Aurora Borealis forecast is dependent on good weather condition and clears sky that allows one to see the northern lights better