Where To See Northern Lights

Where To See The Northern Lights?

Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis, are colored lights which sometimes appear as streams, circles and glowing bands in the northern latitudes. Studies show that the lights can vary in duration, intensity and magnitude. They usually appear at night for a few minutes or longer, but could also occur in the day time.
If you are hearing about the Northern Lights for the first time, you should know that they are the most incredible display of nature. Pictures don’t usually do the lights justice, so you will appreciate them more in person.
What is the origin of the Northern Lights? Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis are caused by activities on the sun. A strong magnetic activity generally takes place on the sun’s surface and this constantly throw ions and electrons into space. Whenever the solar wind blows strongly in the earth’s direction, the Northern Lights will appear.
The Northern Lights colors indicate how high this reaction occurs in the atmosphere. For instance, the red lights show that the particles are reacting at much higher elevations than the green lights. Higher atmospheric reactions will also take place because the solar wind is constantly releasing particles on earth. It is important to mention that the solar wind has to be really intense to cause a reaction that is bright enough for us to see with our naked eye.
There are many countries where people can get a good look at the Northern Lights, some of which are said to the best spots on earth. These are some of the areas that you can visit if you want to view the lights in person:
Norway: Most people believe that Tromso, which is an arctic town in Northern Norway, is one of the best spots to see the Aurora Borealis. January is the ideal time to view the lights. In fact, the northern lights festival is one of the biggest attractions in this area every January.
Canada: Although it’s almost at the opposite side of the globe, Canada offers an amazing viewing point. You could ride a snowmobile to the northern side of Lake Superior in Ontario to see an amazing display of lights.
Iceland: Reykjavik city in Iceland is another great place to see the lights. The city itself does not offer a good view, but you can see the Northern Lights perfectly from the outskirts. Iceland’s location is in one of the most active places of the Aurora Ovals, which is within the lights formation area. Once the sky is clear, the lights are always visible.

You can have a look at the map below and see in real time the forecast where to see the northern lights at this moment in real time. Some of the other places where you can view the Northern Lights include Alaska, Sweden, Lapland and Finland. Now that you know about this magnificent lighting display, you can plan a trip to get a firsthand view of this natural beauty.