aurora borealis forecast

The northern latitudes effect also known as the Aurora Borealis or northern lights are stunning curtains of lights that are made when swift moving electrons from the cosmological wind that crashes into the obscure gas of the upper air. The method by which the aurora borealis happen is alike to the way in which electrons in a television make fragments of light when they collide with the phosphor-coated inside the screen. Nevertheless, the physics of the Aurora Borealis are not as straightforward to comprehend since; the energy of some kinds of the aurora possibly comes from a dynamo effect of the solar wind-caused magnetic field alongside the Earth’s magnetic field. So what is the aurora borealis really ? In many ways, the process that the aurora borealis take can be compared with how electricity is generated through the rotation of a magnet within the electromagnetic coil. The re-emission given off by atmospheric oxygen produces a green or faint red seen in the aurorae. In some cases a pale blue/violet aurorae is produced with the presence of Atmospheric nitrogen. Some of the pictures taken from space shuttles or stations give a magnificent picture of the aurorae that is not achievable from the ground. Most people want to know where can you see Aurora Borealis well approximately 1500 miles from the Earth’s magnetic poles one can observe the aurora borealis without any troubles. It is also possible view the Aurora Borealis from a southern alternative, although unusual from Antarctica, this Southern alternative is also known as the Aurora Australis. Around 11° away from the geographical poles the Earth’s magnetic poles are found. While, in the north the magnetic poles are found north of Canada; and can be seen from places such as Alaska and even Fairbanks.

In 1856, a coronal mass ejection made aurorae so physically powerful that one could read a book at night in New York with the light that was made. When the action of auroral increases, the aurora does not only amplifies in brightness, but it moves more towards the equator. The activities are directly connected to the disturbances that occur in the Earth’s magnetic field and the electrical current system. The Aurora Borealis have been subjected to superstition and long time legends. In times gone by it was the belief of the Scandinavians that Aurora Borealis were made through the reflections of large schools of herring. While in Scotland, the northern lights were called the ‘merry dancers’. The genesis of scientific satellites made many of the theories that were created about the aurorae be changed today